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InfAct ERC

01.01.2021 Out to a great start with team members: Omer Chor, Gilad Pollack
01.02.2021 Welcome Dima Boriskovsky to our project.
01.10.2022 Welcome Zoe Yagil and Alon Grossmann to our project.
20.11.2022 Our first active matter information engine is on the arxiv! (See here latest version)
01.12.2022 Welcome Amy Altshuler to our project.
01.01.2023 Welcome Remi Goerlich to our project.
11.04.2023 New paper out: Roadmap for optical tweezers
12.06.2023 New paper out: A Nonlinear Fluctuation-Dissipation Test for Markovian Systems.
26.06.2023 Our paper on encoding information on the environment during search is on the arxiv.
01.07.2023 Welcome Laura Hoek to our project.

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