Prof. Yael Roichman

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Office: Orenstein room 310
Tel. 972-3-6405848
Fax. 972-3-6409293
E-mail: roichman@tauex.tau.ac.il


Maayan Levin

Office: Orenstein 311
Tel. 972-3-6406451
E-mail: maay4@mail.tau.ac.il

I study the response of a colloidal suspension to a circular driving on a single particle level. The driving is induced by a spinning particle which is manipulated by optical tweezers. 

I characterize the near and far-from-thermal-equilibrium regions within these suspensions, and extract the local fluxes that are forming and the entropy production.


Gilad Pollack

Office: Orenstein 311
Tel. 972-3-6406452

E-mail: giladpollack@mail.tau.ac.il

My work is experimental implementations of information engines using colloidal particles and optical tweezers - The well-known idea of Maxwell's demon (and its work-producing versions, such as Szilard's engine) has recently moved from being mainly a theoretical concept to something that may be realized experimentaly. While most experiments to date were of a single-particle information engine, my research focuses on a many-particle information engine.

Alon Grossman

Office: Orenstein 311
Tel. 972-3-6406452
E-mail: alon.grossman119@gmail.comb

Shiran Hershko

Office: Orenstein 311
Tel. 972-3-6406451
E-mail: shiranhershko@gmail.com

I study the nonlinear fluctuation-dissipation response of a single colloidal particle, which is driven by optical tweezers. 

By extracting the motion of the colloidal particle, I determine whether the system follows Markovian or non Markovian dynamics. 

Amy Altshuler

Office: Orenstein 311
Tel. 972-3-6406452
E-mail: amyalt25@gmail.com

Resetting processes have been extensively studied theoretically and are giving rise to different aspects of non-equilibrium phenomena. I study those processes experimentally in a well-controlled environment. I characterize them by meausring the probability distribution in steady-state and the first-passage time in a search under resetting of self-propelled bristle bots.


Dima Boriskovsky

Office: Orenstein 206

Tel. 972-3-6406452

Macroscopic self-propelled bristle-bots, made motile through self-vibration, have been used experimentally to investigate complex behaviors such as collective motion, self-assembly, exploration and topological mapping. When confined in circular arenas, diluted assemblies of these bots can resemble an active gas. Since these systems are macroscopic, statistical analysis based on the physics involved, can pave the way towards the control of collective behaviors. Our study involves an ensemble of ‘Hexbugs nano’ (self-propelled bristle-bots) inside a parabolic potential. A tracer in the form of a light ball is placed inside the system, and tracked as its motion is affected by the ‘active gas’. If the tracer is under an external field, then the study of mechanical statistics out of equilibrium is applied.

Ofir Tal Friedman

Office: Orenstein 311
E-mail: otf2000@gmail.com

Ofir is a physics MSc student in Prof. Yael Roichman’s group, working on non-equilibrium statistical physics. His work focuses on stochastic resetting processes.

Ron Vatash

Office: Orenstein 322
E-mail: ronvatash@mail.tau.ac.il

Omer Chor.jpg
Omer Chor

Office: Orenstein 206
E-mail: omerchor1@gmail.com



Prof. Indrani Chakraborty


Assistant professor
The Physics Department of the esteemed Birla Institute of Technology and Science -Goa campus
E-mail: indranic6@gmail.com

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/indranic



Postdoc in Prof. Roy Beck's lab in TAU
E-mail: amandeep89sekhon@gmail.com


Raya Sorkin

Currently in Tel Aviv University
Office: Orenstein 411
Tel. 972-3-6407599


Galor Geva


Nitzan keinan


Daniel Zaretsky

Office: Orenstein 311
Tel. 972-3-6406452
E-mail: zaretsky1@mail.tau.ac.il

Ilya Svetlizky (Harward University), Amandeep Sekon,

Noam Katz, Lina Athamny - Khwaja

Tamir Admon, Harel Nagar, Maya Yevnin, Dror Kasimov

Adar Sonn, Barak Gilboa, David Kapfenberger, Omer Wagner,

Yulia sokolov